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Here are the Best Lights that Create a Warm and Cosy Bedroom

Lights can influence interior designs quite significantly. Many homes come with basic bedroom lights that are often overly bright fluorescent lights that don’t really create a feeling of rest, relaxation or comfort. Many interior designers suggest that warm and soft lights are better suited for bedrooms since they promote the desire to sleep. While it’s important to have tons of natural light pouring into your room in the mornings, night times are a different affair.

As you turn in for the night, here’s a few ideas on how your room’s lighting should look like for optimum sleep induction:

Gentle Side Table Lamps

Forget harsh blue lights. You’ll want softer lights provided by side table lamps and the beauty of it is that if you’re sharing the room with a spouse, you can control the lighting on your side, making it darker if you want to go to bed and your other half wants to stay up for a while to read, or vice versa.

Reach for The Night Sky

If you can’t have an open air bedroom, the next best thing is to bring the night sky into your bedroom by creating a ceiling that looks just like the night sky. Here, you can have lights that come through the ceiling and look like stars against a cool blue and purplish background.

Cooling Blue LED Lights

Rather than direct lights shining down on your from the ceiling, consider installing running LED lights in the folds of your ceilings or walls so that the light becomes more ambient. It can be a cool soft blue, or warm yellow lights too. The trick is to hide the running LED lights rather than have it out in the open.

The Reflective Chandelier

Chandeliers lend a luxurious touch to any room, but to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere with less harsh lighting, you can consider a  modern style chandelier or contemporary lights where the light source is diffused by semi transparent means or is bounced off the ceiling.

Hipster Fairy Christmas Lights

This is an affordable way to create a lovely and sweet bedroom with a series of little lights that literally embrace. It’s becoming one of the more popular decoration trends among the young and young at heart. Fairy lights create an almost fantasy-like environment in your room, which will put you in the right frame of mind before bedtime.

A Series of Single Lights

Rather than a large central source of light from the ceiling, you can consider having smaller sources of lights scattered all over the bedroom. The benefit of this is that you can control the amount of light in your room, whether you want more or less by turning each small bulb on or off.

Bedroom lighting should be a fine balance between practicality and aesthetic values, meaning that there has to be enough light for you to function well without injuring yourself before bedtime. However, the lighting also has to promote a relaxing state of mind. Install the right lights for your bedroom with the help of professional lighting service providers right here on 5s C Ltd and enjoy peaceful and comforting nights from here on out.