Solar Home Lighting System


Energy Solar Home Lighting System (Sunbox) is an All-in-one design solar solution exclusive for homes and shops. Its operation is easy with plug and play FM, MP3 player options, lighting and cooling for indoor use. This Solar Home System comes with a 1YEAR warranty.




Energy at your fingertips with 1YEAR warranty

  • 1. All in one design, easy operation, plug and play designed for indoor use.
  • 2. Fan, lighting, mobile charging in one device
  • 3. FM Radio, MP3 version options
  • 4. Light up different rooms for family at the same time
  • 5. Smart battery capacity indicator
  • 6. Solar Charge indicator for checking charging efficiency
  • 7. Advanced Battery Protection & Maintenance System


Content in the Box

  • 1x30w solar panel for fast charging
  • Energy control with 12v/9000MAh SLA battery
  • 3 x bulbs
  • 2 x USB ports
  • 1 x Fan FM, Radio, MP3 Version options