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Track Lighting –

The lighting in any room can have a huge impact on the feel of the room and how big it seems. A room that is too dark can easily seem claustrophobic, especially if the room is bright in the middle but darker on one side or in one corner. This is where the versatility and adjustability of track lights comes in as these lights feature multiple track heads with bulbs in each one that can be adjusted to point anywhere in the room.

This can not only help in rooms that are too dark in certain areas but can also be used to draw attention to or highlight objects of interest within a room, much like how museums and galleries used track lighting to illuminate certain features and exhibits. Track lighting is great for any home that could use a little more warming up or any collector who wants to literally shine a light upon his or her collection.

Useful in:

Living rooms
Home offices

Perfect for:

Showcasing artwork
Highlighting collections, awards, and antiques
Illuminating work stations
Providing general ambiance, especially when combined with task lighting and statement fixtures